Welcome to Cart Related Products! This Shopify plugin is great to show your customers which products would go great with products that they have added to their shopping cart by displaying a pop-up showing the related products!

For example, if the user added a cell phone to the shopping cart, you might want to pop-up a window showing the best phone cover and charging cable suitable for that phone model. To do this, all you need to do is configure the source product (the one added to the cart), and any related products (that will show in the pop-up window)!

The Cart Related Products plugin has another great feature that will allow your customer to see any configured related products whenever they are navigating to a particular product page.

You can find the Cart Related Products Privacy Policy here.


You can view a demo of the front-end shop using the Cart Related Products plugin on our Cart Related Products Plugin Test Shop.


The Cart Related Products plugin allows you to create up to three related products for each product in your store.  Why three?  When you are cross-selling, you don’t want to bombard your customer with too many options!  We feel three is the sweet spot for number of related products to show.

Below is an example of the popup window that is shown to your customer soon after they have added a configured product to their cart.

Product relationships can be easily created in the Cart Related Products section in the Shopify Admin area, either one at a time, or in a batch (many at once).  To add a relationship between one of your products you simply:

  1. Enter the Relationship Text to be shown to the user in the popup (above the products).  For example, “These products go great with %P!”.  NOTE: the %P is a placeholder for the product name itself.
  2. Choose the Source/Origin Product.  If your customer adds this source product to their cart, then the related products chosen in step 3 will be shown to them in a popup window.
  3. Choose the Related Products.  You can choose up to three related products for each source product.  If you wish, you can only choose one or two products also.

Here is an example of adding a single product relationship:

Once you have configured a relationship for one of your products (the source product), your customers will be shown the Related Products popup when that source product is added to their cart.

Importantly, if your customer decides they don’t want to see a popup with related products, don’t worry, we’ve got your customers covered!

Each customer can click the STOP POPUPS link on the popup itself to stop the popups from being shown.  Instead, a small button will be shown on one corner of the screen (you can configure the location) instead of the popup.  If the customer actually wants to see these related product recommendations, they can simply click this button and they will be shown the popups again!

You can view the Product Relationships that you have created.  On this screen you can also edit and delete existing relationships.  Below is a screenshot of this page:

On this page, you can filter both the source/origin product and the related products by their names so it’s easier to find what you’re after!

The real power of the Cart Related Products plugin is to be able to create multiple product relationships in one go easily and quickly.   This is provided by allowing you to select one of your configured Shopify Collections in your store, and then a product relationship will be created for every product in that collection!  This means you could potentially create hundreds of product relationships in one go, saving you a heap of time!

Below is a screenshot showing the layout of the Batch Creation screen:

Creating your Product Relationships in a batch using Shopify Collections is very powerful, as Shopify Collections can be created easily in your Shopify->Products admin area.  You can add products to collections manually, or you can create Smart Collections that allow you to create your Collections based on product tags, titles, prices and much more! 

To create a Shopify Collection, simply go to the Products->Collection section in your Shopify Admin and you can create/edit your collections there.  Once they are created here, they will appear in the Batch Creation page as per the screenshot above.

NOTE! If there is an existing Product Relationship for any of the source products in the chosen collection, an attempt will be made to add the chosen related products to the relationship if there are enough empty slots available.

Remember that only three related products can be added for each source product! If the edit of the existing relationship would result in too many related products, it will not be edited at all, and you will have to edit that particular relationship manually.

Once you submit your batch creation for a particular Shopify Collection the product relationships will be created in the background, and the store owner will receive an email outlining the result of the batch creation once it is complete.

The View Metrics page shows you how many times products have been added to their shopping carts as a result of being shown the Cart Related Products popup.  This is great to see which products are being added as a result of your cross-selling popups.

NOTE: the metrics shown on this page are for the last 30 days only!  These metrics are only for products that were added to your customers cart after they are shown the Related Products popup – it does not include those products added to their cart after seeing the related products on each product page!

An additional feature (which can be disabled by the store owner if they wish), is the ability to show a small Related Products Icon/Button on each product page that has configured related products.  This means when your customers visit any product page, the small icon/button will appear, which can then be clicked to show the related products in a popup window.

An example of this icon can be seen in the screenshot below:

If the customer hovers over the icon (to see what it is), the icon changes to include some words explaining what it does:

There are a range of configuration options that will help you configure the Cart Related Products plugin to work the way you want.  You can configure:

  • How often to check for popups.
  • How long after an existing popup is closed to check for more popups (while customer is on a single page).
  • Maximum number of products to return in the Product lookup when creating relationships.
  • The default Relationship Text shown in the popups (this can be changed when you create relationships – it is just a handy default).
  • The position of the icons used when the popups are chosen (by the customer) not to be shown. This is also the position of the related products icon on each product page.
  • Whether or not you want to show the related products icon on each product page.
  • Whether or not you want to see the welcome message on the main Cart Related Products menu page.

An example of the configuration page is shown below:


Support / FAQs

Where can I get some support for this plugin?
Please contact us on our Contact Page, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!
How much does the plugin cost?
Please see the Pricing Table for the various plan levels you can choose.  You can of course, choose the BASIC level which is always free, and allows you to configure product relationships for up to 5 of your products.
How do I get started?

After you install the plugin you will be on the main plugin page.  This will have a welcome text and some instructions on how to use the plugin.  If you do not see this welcome text section, click on the Configuration button on the main menu, and then click the Yes, show welcome message radio button, then save the settings.  When you return back to the main menu, you should then see the welcome message (and instructions) again.

For more detailed information about each of the features please see the Features section of this page. It has details descriptions of each feature and explains how they work.

Cart Related Products Installation

Clicking the button below will install the BASIC (Free) version of the Cart Related Products plugin.
You can upgrade to a paid version from within the plugin adminstration screen.