Welcome to the Instant Price Match Shopify Plugin/App! This Shopify app/plugin allows your customers to submit a price match enquiry on any product page of your Shopify shop.  Once submitted, you (the shop owner) can either accept or reject the price match (and even change the offered price).  If the price match is accepted, the customer will be automatically emailed a discount code which will allow the customer to purchase the product at the lower price.  If the price match is rejected, the customer will receive an email stating the reason their price match was rejected.

You can also save an accepted price match as an Instant price match.  This means that any future price match enquiries for the same product variant from them same URL will automatically be matched and accepted!

You can find the Instant Price Match Privacy Policy here.


You can view a demo of the front-end shop using the Instant Price Match plugin on our Instant Price Match Plugin Test Shop.



  • Allow your customers to quickly and easily submit a price match for any of your store’s products
  • Simple accept / reject process that takes only seconds
  • Discount Code is automatically generated and emailed to the customer once price match is accepted
  • Easily create Instant Price Matche templates which will automatically match a customer’s enquiry and send the customer a generated discount code as soon as they submit their enquiry!
  • Multiple product discounts supported! (for when the customer wants to order multiple, price-matched products)
  • Fully customizable emails, popup, price match conditions and much more!




Only $9.95 / month – no limits on usage!

We offer a free 14-day trial for all installs, so you can determine whether Instant Price Match is right for you!

Support / FAQs

Please contact us on our Contact Page, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Inside the app there is a full Help Page that will hopefully answer any questions you have to help you start using Instant Price Match!

Instant Price Match Installation

Instant Price Match will be in the Shopify App Store soon!